Hello! ^.^

I greet you warmly on my blog, where he will appear all the new things like new dances on youtube and posts on other accounts, which are set out, inter alia, on the table "Where I am?"

Here I am again, but his career on youtube, I started in October 2009.

The film, which is the most successful are:
Buono! - Bravo Bravo [xxxAkixxx] has 1030 impressions.

The two most recent films are:
1.C-ute - Tokaikko Junjou [xxxAkixxx]
2.HyunA - Change [xxxAkixxx]

With these two films I got:

My passion is also decorations ^ ^
When I succeed I will give a few formulas.
Well, I think it's actually everything. Feel free to watch, comment, evaluation and sybscribe my films ^ ^

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