Yes yes yes!Intercede this film because I am going on vacation to rest:)Every star shining even at least in this kind of show business needs a rest ^ ^That and the new video:)US5 - In The ClubAnd I greet you, and write their absence on the days: 13.07 - 24.07I greet you! Your Aki ^ ^

I hope that the film will appeal to both fans and other US5 ^ ^I believe that this is one of the best dances that drew up the plans so far:)You are cordially invited to watch and comment.

Yes. Us5 adore. Especially Izzy ... We are so much alike that even I accepted this nickname.

I noticed that in my life over the past few days has changed a lot ... Namely, I was able to close today on the old part. Now I know what he wants. I strive for and to which I will do it, because Izzy gives me courage and confidence when I look at what he does. Doing what he loves ... And I also have such an intention. Since September I will continue to dance in the nursery RockStep. I will start a new chapter, as I begin a new school. I hope to meet many wonderful people there who will accept who I am.

You know .. If you do not have anything against it, I would like to tell you about my troszku ksywkach and where they come from. Let me start this first:
1st Meg - since my name Magda.
2nd Michael-Angelo - kojarzycie? exactly as his name was one of the ninja turtles:) called me just because I liked to imitate him, and apparently I was the same shot as he does. I wish I just called and now: D I love that nickname and if you do not mind it so you can ask me ^ ^
3rd Turtle - it has attracted from the fact that I liked for someone szlajać 2-3 meters apart XD 4th Aki - from Pink durnego account and profile on Youtube:) But now I stick them in the eye ^ ^
5th Izzy - most people say that behave like he did and that I have a talent worthy of naming me in this way. Well I do not mind: D Izzy has always been, is and will be my idol * honestly *

Overall, I think that they belong to wilekie greetings to my Mikel'a <3 without whom / which probably is not napisałabym this note today. I never take it away from me my visor! . _. I love him more than your mom! But Izzy I love more than the peak of D

So even adding at the end of it I learned to dance Us5 - In the club and I am sure that you will like my performance as well as boys from US5 ^. ^ I'm also proud of my Majkiego <3 któemu / a pretty good start of the chorus goes. Keep up the good Majka ^ ^

And now for something at the end. I'm leaving you because I am writing the last note before you leave. Next will not appear until somewhere around July 26. Sincere and warm greetings to send to you as of now, ladies' version of Izzy: D 

 See you again ;)


Hello! ^.^

I greet you warmly on my blog, where he will appear all the new things like new dances on youtube and posts on other accounts, which are set out, inter alia, on the table "Where I am?"

Here I am again, but his career on youtube, I started in October 2009.

The film, which is the most successful are:
Buono! - Bravo Bravo [xxxAkixxx] has 1030 impressions.

The two most recent films are:
1.C-ute - Tokaikko Junjou [xxxAkixxx]
2.HyunA - Change [xxxAkixxx]

With these two films I got:

My passion is also decorations ^ ^
When I succeed I will give a few formulas.
Well, I think it's actually everything. Feel free to watch, comment, evaluation and sybscribe my films ^ ^